Company Profile / History

Company Profile

name Free Wave Co., Ltd.
location Tokyo Setagaya-ku, Ikejiri 3-19-10 NK Building 1F
TEL: 03-6453-2744 /
FAX: 03-6453-2743
Capital 10 million yen
Establishment Established in February 1992 Free Wave Co.Ltd.
Heisei era April 2003 changed the organization name from limited company to corporation.
A director
Bank Mizuho Bank Shibuya Central Branch
Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shibuya Branch
Showa Shinkin Bank Ohashi Branch
Business contents Management of foreigners model, talent, actor, extra etc for advertisements, TV, movies etc Casting management of foreign narrator and delivery of narration data Managing and coordinating foreigners and Japanese dancers · performers · Foreigner model Casting and coordination of foreign musicians and performers, etc.
Qualifications and
acquisition permission
Paid Employment Introduction: <13 - Y - 301307> Immigration Application Agency
Business hours From 10:30 to 19:30 (excluding weekends and holidays)
Major business partners
(in alphabetical order)
  • AOI Pro Inc.
  • Asahi Advertisement Inc.
  • NHK Educational Corporation
  • Kobunsha Corporation
  • Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.
  • Shueisha Co., Ltd.
  • Square Enix Co., Ltd.
  • Te-o-war Co., Ltd.
  • T.Y. O
  • TBS TV Co., Ltd.
  • TV Asahi Corporation
  • Dentsu Creative X Inc.
  • Tohokushinsha Co., Ltd.
  • Japan International Broadcasting Corporation
  • Hakuhodo Products Co., Ltd.
  • Fuji Television Corporation
  • Best bridal corporation
  • Recruit Holdings Inc.
  • Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
  • Nippon Television Network Corporation
Other, CM casting company, video production company, event production company, apparel brand etc.


1989 Began acting as a Japanese secretariat of the American corporation Star Dance Connection. I am in charge of promotion of American HIP HOP dancer (TV programs, magazines, national tours, event appearances etc.). Introducing HIP HOP which caused the big boom at that time to Japan from the United States as soon as possible.
1990 Started activities as agents of Japanese dancers. Watanabe Misato, TMN and other tour dancers are handling bookings.
1992 Established Free Wave Limited Company. I worked on the casting work of long-established show club, TV, CM as an agent of a foreigner dancer in Japan, started dance show production / producer.
1993 We also handle a lot of event castings such as event casting and various event attractions (band, performer, talent, moderator, impersonator, dancer). Started an agent such as street performers and performers.
1996 Started managing Paul Jackson. Started educational concert “Jazz for Kids” for children led by Paul Jackson. He visited more than 20 schools nationwide as a volunteer activity. * Paul Jackson: A world-class jazz bass player known for her performance with Herbie Hancock and others.
1998 Formed the package unit The Starlet’s by a foreign dancer in Japan. Costing, selection, costume design, composition, directing and producing all of themselves. Not only dance, laughter, surprised and innovative unique crowd-integrated entertainment show is highly popular among hotel dinner shows and company parties throughout the country. At the Summer Dinner Show at Nagoya Castle Hotel, about 1,000 people are mobilized in three days, and they will appear for three consecutive years.
1999 Management and production of a foreign gigantic chorus unit “True Spirit” in Japan. Coordination of Baby Face and other back bands coming to Japan. Producing a concert at Blue Note etc.
2000 Foreigner model agent, which is the core of current business, started. With our unique management know-how cultivated in the event industry, we definitely build the trust of customers and models and start foreign agent model agents in Japan.
2001 Launched its own record label “Star Let’s Record” and also entered the record scene. Sakata Akira & Bill Laswell co-produced album “Fisherman ‘” was released, and also released an analog board remixed by DJ crash by “Seashell Clause” of the album.
2003 Change organization name to corporation.
2006 I started the narrator department. and Paid employment placement business acquisition permission.
2008 Permission for temporary staffing business acquisition
2010 Movie “Darling is a foreigner” Darling is decided. Establish an actor division.
2012 It will be 20 years since its foundation.
2013 Distribution start of original Ustram program “Bibitsu and foreigners! Culture Shock TV” starts.
2014 Calling a topic with Professor Scott of NHK continuous TV novel “Hanako and Ann”.
2015 Moved the office to Setagaya ku Ikejiri.
2016 “Why are you going to Japan? “Prince Hanco who became famous with” Roma “released by the seal set produced.
2017 We will have 25 years in business. Management of more than 10 foreign casts related to NHK (basic English series, English conversation time trial, introductory business English, contemporary English starting from high school students, Japanology Plus, Tokyo Eye 2020, RISING etc).

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