When it comes to foreign talent, Free Wave
– Introduction to the company –

Free Wave, as an international talent agency, prioritizes the establishment of trustful relationships with clients,
talent, and society as its foremost commitment.

Founded in 1992. Trust based on over 31 years of experience and achievements.

Founded in 1992, Free Wave has been involved in the management of various foreign artists since its establishment as a dance agency. We have currently established departments in Modeling, Narrator/Voice Actor, Talent/Cultural Figure, Actor, Singer/Musician, and Dancer/Performer. We are committed to meeting a wide range of client demands.
Our extensive experience and achievements can be applied to a diverse range of fields, including commercials and video production, television and mass media relations, music and event production, the fashion industry, education, and regional revitalization.
If you are seeking coordination for foreign models, foreign narrators, or international talent, please feel free to consult with us.

One-stop casting is also possible with Free Wave
One-stop casting is also possible with Free Wave

We promptly handle casting for a large number of extras (100 or more)!

The strength of Free Wave is the ‘quick response’ supported by extensive experience and proven achievements. We can promptly and accurately handle the arrangement of 100 or more extras. If you need to quickly arrange foreign talent or require a large number of extras, please contact us.

About extra

With 2,500 registrants,
we have abundant
talent that
can excel
in a wide range of fields!

Our biggest strength is having a diverse pool of talent capable of excelling in a wide range of fields.
The number of models/narrators/talent registered with Free Wave is approximately 2,500, and the number continues to grow. With our ability to effectively utilize our unique network and talent, our company can achieve unconventional production and high-quality casting, free from conventional constraints.

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Precision in
talent management
and agility in execution!

We consistently provide casting services of high quality, always from the perspective of our clients, ensuring a high level of completion. We have bilingual interpreters on-site, making communication with foreign talent smooth. Leveraging our management skills and agility, we will respond to the specific requests of our clients with precision.

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Representative Director Mutsumi Takahashi

The Three Waves
That Free Wave Creates
“Wave of Change” made by new ideas
Wave of Passion” enjoying challenges
“Wave of Unity” created from strong bonds
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