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Lemi Duncanレミ・ダンカン

No. 11603
Lemi Duncan
American English
Japanese Proficiency
Voice Pitch
Song Recording
Image of voice
  • ナチュラル
  • フレンドリー
  • エネルギッシュ
  • 高級感
  • 信頼感
  • 重厚感
  • 個性的
  • セクシー
Narration use and purpose
  • 教材・Eラーニング
  • 企業VP・ビジネス
  • 外国人訛りの日本語
  • 吹き替え・ボイスアクティング
  • 映画トレーラー
  • ゲーム・アニメキャラクター
  • バイリンガルナレーション

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    The only foreign foreign agent talent agency in seven sectors including foreigner model, narrator, talent, cultural person, actor, dancer

    In the foreign narration department handling foreign narrators around the world, accurate narrator casting with a sense of security has been appreciated and the regular appearances of NHK related programs are 30 or more. Speaking of a foreigner's talent is a free wave. We will make full use of the industry-leading strong talent network and respond to clients' needs.

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