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Friday November 18th, 2016

イギリス英語男性ナレーター「ニック」がAudi R8 TVCMナレーションを担当!

アクター、モデル、ナレーター、ミュージシャンとしてマルチな才能を発揮するニックが、Audi R8 TVCMのナレーションを担当しました!
The Audi R8 Star of Lucis has come to the real world from FFXV - YouTube (2)
Audi R8 TVCM
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Our narration division works with narrators from around the world, and our consistent record of booking high-grade narrators has been appreciated by the NHK. Our narrators appear on more than 30 NHK programs as regular cast members. For international talent, contact Free Wave. We respond to our clients' needs by fully utilizing our industry-leading network of global human resources.

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