Foreign narrator

Achievements of foreign narrator / voice actor

We are working on casting foreign narration of various projects such as regular language programs, TVCM, company VP, teaching materials, movies, programs etc.


Registration of Free Wave Foreign narrator has enrolled over 300 people , mainly veteran foreign narrator who appear in NHK language program, NHK international program, major company TVCM, popular game software etc. English narrator who is in charge of famous CM voice, actor / voice actor with high acting skill, bilingual narrator skillfully negotiating Japanese narration of foreign foreigner who can not forget once, orthodox radio announcer, super bass cool voice We are responding to the needsof awide variety of foreign narration castings with a lineup of variety of foreign narrators including a narrator with a natural feeling and a fresh voice narrator full of natural feeling .

“Foreign language narration catalog” contains narration samples and profiles of foreign narrator in 15 languages ​​or more, you can listen to samples, browse profiles and download them. We also have a check guide to understand the voice height and atmosphere, so please make use of it. Because many of our foreign narrator can communicate in Japanese, please rest assured communication during recording.

NHK Language School regular program

  • Basic English 1 (partner name: Rosa Tachibana) 2016~
  • Basic English 2 (partner name: Samantha Marie, Chris Nelson) 2016~
  • Basic English 3 (partner name: Daniel · Tumita) 2016~
  • Plexo English (cast name: Stuart Oh, Sonnes Stevens and others)
  • High School Course Communication English II (Teaching Assistant: Juliet)
  • Adult Foundation English CD (narrator name: Hanna Grace)
  • Shakiene! (Voice name: Jonathan · Share)
  • English conversation time trial (partner name: Jenny Skidmore)
  • Introduction Business English (partner name: Brandon · stall)
  • Basic English 1 (partner name: Jonathan · Share)
  • Basic English 3 (partner name: Gaitano · Totaro)
  • NHK High School Course “English II” (Teaching Assistant: Cat · McDowell)

NHK World Program Regular Casting

    • Trails to Tsukiji
    • Her Story
    • Asia Insight
    • Biz Buzz Japan
    • Delicious Japan
    • Dining with the chef
    • TOKYO EYE 2020
    • Japanology Plus
    • Trails to Tsukiji
    • J-TECH
    • RISING
    • J-Architect
    • Artisan×Designer
    • Food & Pottery
    • Art Time Traveller
    • Side by Side
    • Meet and Speak
    • Japan Unlocked
    • Journeys in japan
    • Kyoto A Breath in Time

Foreign narrator · voice actor achievement list

ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
NGK TVCMEnglish2020
Iwate Bridal Center CMMarina Aicholtz2020
Asahi Soft Drinks WILKINSON TVCMEnglish2020
UNIQLO Pants TVCMEnglish2020
Epoch [Aqua Beads] CMEnglish2020
UNIQLO Hybrid Down Parka CMEnglish2019
Boat Race CMMarina Aicholtz2019
SHISEIDO ReNeura TechnologyEnglish2019
VASARA (Kimono Rental) CMマリナ・アイコルツ2019
King&Prince Spot CM NarrationEnglish2019
Suzuka Circuit CMEnglish and Japanese2019
Qoo10 TVCMEnglish / Japanese2019
Toshiba CMEnglish narrator2019
Toyota T-Value CMEnglish2018
TDK CMEnglish2018
Square Enix CMEnglish2018
E-Girls Live Opening NarrationEnglish2018
BoA THE LIVE 2018 ~Unchained~ Spot CMEnglish / Japanese2018
Parco TVCMJapanese2018
2025 Osaka Expo Presentation MovieEnglish narrator2018
TOYOTA Alphard CMEnglish2017
Achilles ThermoPhase CMMandarin Chinese2017
BOAT RACE 2016 CM2016
LINE×DISNEY Tsum Tsum CMEnglish2016
Fukuoka PARCO2015
Bourbon CM2015
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
NHK Educational Program [ Kiso Eigo 3]Ananda Jacobs2020
NHK Educational Program [Eikaiwa Time Trial]Jenny Skidmore2020
NHK Educational Program [ Koukousei kara Hajimeru Gendai Eigo]Hannah Grace2020
NHK Educational Program [Kiso Eigo 1]Chris Nelson2020
Animatioin "Pokemon" Go's Smartphone RotomMarina Aicholtz2020
NHK "Fukahi Kenkyuchu"Marina Aicholtz2020
NHK BS "Real Earth"Marina Aicholtz2020
NHK WORLD "Japan Railway Journal"English2020
NHK Educational Program「Radio Eikaiwa」Roza Akino2020
Musashino Bank Radio CMJapanese2020
NHK WORLD TV Program「Direct Talk」English2020
NHK WORLD TV Exposing the Corona VirusEnglish narrator2020
NHK WORLD TV Anime SupernovaEnglish narrator2020
NHK E-tele EIGO BEAT 2English voice actor2020
NHK FM TheatreItalian voice actor2019
NHK Educational Radio Program「Eikaiwa Time Trial」Jenny Skidmore2019
Fuji TV "Shinsetsu! Tokoro Japan"Marina Aicholtz2019
TV Asahi "Kamihitoe"Marina Aicholtz2019
NHK Educational Radio Program「Koukousei kara Hajimeru Gendai Eigo」Hannah Grace2019
CS Program "DJ KOO no Koko DO KOO" TV NarrationMarina Aicholtz2019
NHK Educational Radio Program「Kiso Eigo 1」Chris Nelson2019
NHK Educational Radio Program「Kiso Eigo 3」Lemi Duncan2019
NHK Educational Radio Program「Radio Eikaiwa」Roza Akino2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「RISING」English2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「Kawaii International」English2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「Side by Side」English2019
#Naomi Watanabe Yabastagram TVMarina Aicholtz2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「BENTO EXPO」English2019
NHK WORLD "Kids Meet the World"英語2019
TV Asahi Program [M1 Grand Prix]English / Japanese2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「Close to Art」English2019
SUPER CHAMP!Chinese narrator2019
NHK WORLD TV Program「KABUKI KOOL」English2019
NHK Radio Kiso Eigo 1Chris Nelson2018
NHK Radio Kiso Eigo 2Samantha Marie2018
NHK Radio Kiso Eigo 3Lemi Duncan2018
NHK Radio Radio EikaiwaAkino Roza2018
NHK WORLD TV "ABC Tours"English narrator2018
NHK WORLD Mt.Fuji Aqua JourneyEnglish2018
NHK WORLD "Spiritual Explorers"English narrator2018
NHK Ijintachi no KenkoshindanEnglish narrator2018
TV Tokyo "You ha Nanishini"マリナ・アイコルツ2018
Nihon TV Variety ProgramMarina Aicholtz2018
FUJITV "Tokoro&Isoda Japanese Mystery"Narrator2018
Nagoya Marathon AnnouncementEnglish2018
ANA in-flight video "Selectravel"English Narrator2018
NHK Radio Nyumon Business EigoKellie Holway2017
NHK Radio Koukousei Kara Hajimeru Gendai EigoHannah Grace2017
Anime SAKURA QUESTMr. Sandal2017
TV ASAHI M1 Grand PrixEnglish2017
Sosei Documentary Film2016
NHK Radio Nyumon Business EigoHannah Grace2015
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Pro Labo holdings New Year Party 2020MC2020
Pro Labo holdings New Year Party 2019MC2019
MooRER Ginza Opening eventItalian MC2018
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
DOWA Eco System VPEnglish2020
Rakuten Mobile VPEnglish2020
KAJIMA VPEnglish2020
Showa Sangyo VPEnglish2020
Fuji Electric VPEnglish / Chinese2020
YKKAP VPChinese2019
Mitsubishi Material VPEnglish / Chinese2019
Tokyo Olympic 2020 Pictogram Promotion MovieEnglish2019
Roche Diagnostics Corporate VideoBilingual (Japanese/English) Narrator2019
Morig Bldg VPEnglish2019
CCJC VPEnglish2019
TOYO TIRE VPEnglish2019
Kao PVEnglish narrator2019
Kikkoman VPEnglish / Japanese2019
JTB VPEnglish2019
Panasonic VPEnglish2019
Iwate-pref Cultural Asset Introduction VideoEnglish / Chinese / Korean2019
Mizkan WEB CMEnglish2019
DENSO WEBEnglish narrator and Chinese narrator2019
Mitsubishi Motors VPEnglish narrator2019
AGC VPEnglish narrator, Chinese narrator2019
Marukome VPEnglish narrator, Chinese narrator2019
bellface VPEnglish2019
Aeon Financial Service VPEnglish narrator2018
NTT docomo PVEnglish narrator2018
NEC Promotion VideoEnglish narrator2018
Olympus VPEnglish narrator2018
Osaka Expo PREnglish2018
TOYOTA Lexus WEBEnglish2018
NTT DoCoMo WEBEnglish2018
Nara Tawaramotocho PVEnglish, Korean, Chinese2018
CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL Promotion VideoEnglish2018
THE SANKEI BUILDING Corporate VideoEnglish2018
Cosmo Oil VPSpanish, Korean, Thai, Arabic, English2018
Toyota GAZOO Racing PVEnglish2018
HONDA VPEnglish, Chinese2018
ANA VPEnglish2018
DUNLOP Golf Gear VPEnglish2017
IDEMITSU VPMandarine2017
TKK VPEnglish2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Japanese textbook for foreign studentsEnglish, Chinese. Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog2019
NHK PublishingEnglish2019
Shogakukan [Mebae]English / Japanese2019
Mitsumura ToshoEnglish2019
Benesse CorporationEnglish2018
NHK PublishingEnglish2017
PRESIDENT Inc.English2016
YOMIURI ShimbunEnglish2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear

The professional agency which has every international model,

Our narration division works with narrators from around the world, and our consistent record of booking high-grade narrators has been appreciated by the NHK. Our narrators appear on more than 30 NHK programs as regular cast members. For international talent, contact Free Wave. We respond to our clients' needs by fully utilizing our industry-leading network of global human resources.

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