Four Basic Steps: “Gen Katsugi” to attract fortune [Grace Tsubaki’s “Gen Katsugi”]

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Have you heard of “Gen Katsugi”, something that has been traditionally carried on in Japan? You may have or you may have not, you may already be doing it already without even realizing. We will talk about different kinds of “Gen Katsugi” of Japan.

What does “Gen Katsugi” mean in Japan?

In Japan, Gen Katsugi refers to “actions you take wishing for good luck”.

The word Gen Katsugi is derived from the word “gien” which is an equivalent word for luck but it also has implications of bond or connection as well.

Nowadays, people take actions for Gen Katsugi before an important life event like exams, sports matches, or going to a big business meeting. Gen Katsugi mentally helps you get through events like those. The meaning may have evolved over time but the core nature, which is wishing for good luck, is still here to this date.

How Gen Katsugi is Different From Spells or Jinxes?

All over the world across different cultures, people have practiced a wide variety of spells or jinxes to make their wishes come true or avoid things that you don’t want to happen. While it is similar to Gen Katsugi of Japan, there is a subtle difference.

Spells are based on superstitious powers and people use those powers to cause harm or avoid it. People may use them to achieve their goals.

However, Gen Katsugi refers to a series of actions that attract good luck and that is one of the biggest differences.

Similarly, jinxes refer to signs of bad events which is quite the opposite of what Gen Katsugi means. Of course, Gen Katsugi is sometimes used to deter bad events but the focus is more on attracting good luck instead of avoiding the bad.

Doing It Every Day – Gen Katsugi and Feng Shui

The core of Gen Katsugi is creating a good environment to attract good luck. Then, imagine such an environment is like?
You may have thought of a clear, bright, special room. You may have thought of great nature. But you can’t create an environment like that right away.

Japanese have come up with an idea, which is to let it become a part of your daily lives. That idea shaped today’s Gen Katsugi, which refers to a series of actions that attract good luck.

In order to create a good environment, Japanese has adopted feng shui. Feng shui originated in China but Japan developed its own version and feng shui plays a great role in Japanese homes and businesses.

Feng shui is a method to create a good environment by controlling qi, concept derived from yin and yang. It is something that can easily be taken into your daily lives. That is why Gen Katsugi has become a part of the lives of people of Japan.

From Ichiro to Space Station

Ichiro Suzuki, who recently retired from his professional baseball career, had his Gen Katsugi routine that he always put his shoe left foot first.
At Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Russian astronauts, before every launch, do exactly what Yuri Gagarin, the first person ever to embark on space travel, did before his departure.

These are examples of Gen Katsugi where people try to attract good luck by taking the same actions they took when they achieved a good result in the past, making a good environment for good luck.
Lately, Gen Katsugi has diverged into many different forms but there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Four Basic Actions for Gen Katsugi

Next, we’d like to talk about four basic actions.
How you do it may be different for each person but without a good environment, no matter how much you take Gen Katsugi actions, the result won’t be as great. You can start by looking into the environment of your room to attract good luck.

You may be bothered to do it every single day but Gen Katsugi won’t be what it is without consistency. By the way, your room reflects your mind.

Action 1: Tidy Your Entrance

The entrance is where luck comes and goes. If the qi is bad at the entrance, you will end up attracting bad luck rather than a good one. Make sure to have the entrance bright and clean. Tidy up your shoes and umbrellas and don’t leave any boxes around.

Action 2: Tidy Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the second most important thing after the entrance. The environment of the bedroom can have a big impact on your health. That’s why where you sleep, ventilation, and your bed are very important. Let’s try to make a comforting environment.

Action 3: Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are where you can wash your filth away. Bathroom, basin, kitchen sink or toilet need to be taken care of every day. Don’t forget to check your drain and trash cans as well.

Action 4: Polish, Polish, and Polish

You must polish well things that reflect you or things you often touch such as mirrors or door knobs. On top of that, you also want to take good care of things that put on your body like clothes or shoes so that good luck will be attracted to you.

Does Gen Katsugi Really Work?

Your environment can have a great influence on how effective Gen Katsugi can be.
However, the strange thing is even if you are bothered at first, as you do it day by day, you start to appreciate your surroundings. You will no longer be bothered with things you were at first and be more tolerant of others.

In the end, how effective Gen Katsugi can be is up to you because it depends on how you create your environment and be in good conditions.

I strongly recommend you to try out these four basic steps of Gen Katsugi. But they are not all of it. There are a lot more. We will keep you posted for upcoming articles.

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