Foreigner extra

Achievements of foreign extras

Foreigner model Major appearances

CM extra
  • Fashion mail order “SHOPLIST (shop list)” TVCM (Roma Tonioro)
  • “The prince of 100 people sleeping with the dream kingdom” TVCM (foreigner model)
  • JINS main model TVCM (foreigner model)
  • USJ 15th anniversary TVCM (foreigner model)
  • Glasses paris miki TVCM (foreigner model)
  • MAZDA 4WD TVCM (foreigner model)
  • Wacoal ‘wing’ graphic, TVCM (foreigner model)
  • Adelance ‘Fontaine’ advertisement (Foreigner model)
  • Nissin Cup Yakisoba “UFO” (Foreigner model)
  • SONY Smart Tennis Sensor PV (Foreign Cast Total Casting)
  • Recruit “Recruit Point” TVCM (Foreigner Main Cast)
  • Japan Amway “Nutri Kids” advertisement (foreign kids model)
  • Beyonce “New Album Release Promotion” WEB Picture (Foreigner Model)
  • GU “Knitting / Skirt Hen” TVCM (Foreigner Model)
  • Hilton Osaka hotel wedding ad (foreigner model)
  • Comfort Hotel Ad (Foreigner model)
  • Phillip Morris ‘Marlboro’ Steel ad (foreigner model)
  • MEN’S TBC advertisement (foreigner model)
  • Japan Craft Foods “Stride Stripe / Happy Stripe Way” (Foreigner Model)
  • Japan Hills · Colgate “Science Diet” (Foreigner Main Cast)
  • UNIQLO “UT” “Premium Down” (foreigner model)
  • EXILE THE SECOND “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” MV (foreigner model)
  • RADIO FISH “PERFECT HUMAN” MV (foreigner model)
  • B’z “Uchouten” PV (foreign kids model)
Movie · PV · TV“Kinglymask” “Kitson Sportswear” “adidas Golf” “prince” “YONEX” “Men’s Tinoras” “Jeans Mate” “Birkenstock” “Belluna” “LEE” “Durer” “Momo Natural” “BEAMS LIGHTS Online Shop” “X ‘tyle’ “TOMMY HILFIGER” “BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS” “UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing” “ALEXIA STAM” and many others
Onsite translation/ ViVi / Ginza Magagine / CQ / Rolling Stone / Featuring / FIGARO japan / AneCan / UOMO / Men’s Nonno / “Beauty ST” / ViVi / Ginza Magagine / CQ / Rolling Stone / Magazine / Fine / CAL / Classy / Honey / KINARI / SPUR / Free & Easy / BRUTUS / Book

On-site interpreter · translation · language guidance achievement list

ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Kanebo KateOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
Sunstar GUMOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
NECOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
Madam GatsbyOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
arenaOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
PANTENE FALLPost Production Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
SUITSELECTOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
KIOXIAOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
Daihatsu Thor TVCMOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
Lipovitan DInterpreter (English)2019
JR East Tourism PROn-set Interpreter (English)2019
Curry Meshi, NissinOn-Set Interpreter (Japanese-English)2018
TOYO TIRESPost Production Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
Fujitsu Multilingual TranslationOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
PROTECAOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
ABC MartOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Nintendo SwitchOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
FRISKOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Kanebo KATEOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
TV TokyoInterpreter (English)2020
TBS World Kyokugen MysteryOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2020
Fuji TV "Radiation House SP"English Dialogue Coach2019
Production Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
TV Tokyo "Yojigoji Days"On-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
TV Tokyo "Why did you come to Japan"On-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Mitsubishi ElectricOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
Golf PartnerOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2019
LEGOOn-site Interpretation (English)2019
NittoOn-set Interpreter2018
PanasonicJapanese to English2018
HitachiOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear

Foreigner extra performance list

ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel Wedding shootingGrandmother role2019
Google TVCM2018
Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance2018
NTN TVCM10 Extras2018
Daiichi Sankyo Lulu AttackExtras2017
Asahi Group Foods "Mintia"Extras2017
Frisk TVCM ExtrasModels2017
Lotte CharLotteExtra2017
Kirin Ichiban ShiboriExtras2017
Mitsubishi Motors Global WebExtras2017
Chocola BB Joma, Chocola BB SparklingExtra2017
ABC Mart Reebok ZbelleExtra2017
Microsoft Web CMExtras2017
ABC MART AdidasExtras2017
Suzuki Escudo KatalogExtra2017
Aeon TVCM "Christmas Dinner"Extras2017
LOOK JTBExtra2017
Microsoft Japan Face Targeting Introduction VideoExtras2017
Pachinko TVCM (CS Channel)Extras2016
ABC MART CM "Fit Boots Classic"Extras2016
ABC MART CM "Fit Boots Classic"Performer2016
Chugai PharmaceuticalExtras2016
Amazon Web CMExtra2016
At Home TVCMExtras2016
Sato Yunker Health DrinkExtras (11)2016
UNIQLO "LifeWear" StillExtras2016
Apamanshop CMExtras2016
NISSIN Cup NoodleForeign extras2016
KIRIN CM ExtraExtras2016
NTT docomo d hits11 Extras2016
Doctor's website of Ophthalmology PatientsExtras2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
NHK E Tele [Shakiin!]Foreign extras2019
Fuji Television Sekai Houtei Mystery 92018
NHK Drama IDATEN2018
Enlighs Educational TV ProgramExtras2017
Chukyo TV Enactment DramaExtra2017
TV Asahi "Nihon Sodateru Kentei" Re-enactment VTRExtras2017
TBS "Pyramid Derby: Hensō shita Geinōjin Dare da?!"Extra2017
BS Japan "Watashi no Hakurekisho" Re-enactment VTRExtra2017
Yawaya-Bussan "Shimiji no Chikara"Extras2017
High & Low MovieExtras2017
Sekai Naze Sokoni? Japanese "Peru"Extras2016
Baku Hō! The FridayExtra2016
BS Japan Business English TV ProgramExtras2016
Abema TV Variety ShowExtra2016
Geinōjin ni Itazura! Gyōten Happening 100 RenpatsuExtra2016
December Pinch ni Manabu EikaiwaExtras2016
Abema TV "VS Collage Girls"Extras2016
TV TOKYO Naze Sokoni Nihonjin Reenactment DramaForeign extras2015
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Luck Life Music VideoExtra2017
Pentagon Concert2017
Mighty Warriors Music VideoExtras (17)2017
fripSide Music VideoExtra2017
Generations Music VideoExtras2017
The Dresscodes Concept MovieExtras2017
AI Music Video (Santa Clause Role)Extra2016
SKR Music VideoExtras2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
NEC Corporate VP14 Extras2019
Balcony Roppongi ExtrasModels2017
NTT DocomoExtra2017
Tokyo Promotion VideoExtras2016
Hitachi ElevatorExtras2016
Casino Corporate Report 2016Extras2016
Nissan Shop Introduction Movie2016
Police Museum VideoExtras2016
Rakuten Internal Security Rule VideoExtras2016
Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau Promotional VideoExtras2016
Soliton Smart-Telecaster Zao S PR VideoExtras2016
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
MazdaExtras (11)2017
Afternoon Tea Free PaperExtra2017
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
ContentsRemarks / Number of peopleYear
Elementary School TextbookExtras2017

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