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2,500 people.

We will send extra foreigners to corporate advertisements (TVCM · WEB), TV programs and movies.
s well as a small number of projects, we have cast many extra figures for adults from 20 to 100 people, so many customers have requested that we will ask you to arrange for free waves of all extras in bulk. It is pride of.
Please leave it to experienced free waves to book sudden matters and foreigners extras of a large number of people.
* Depending on the model, you may not be able to appear as an extra. For details, please contact us.

Please arrange for foreigners extra

What is a foreigner extra

A foreign cast that appears in the background other than the main / sub-cast is referred to as “foreign extras”.

Extra selection procedure

We will give you the cast image and conditions, we will give you a composite of extra candidates (photo / size material) to suit your needs. It is possible to decide the cast within that.
Also, basically extras are for photo selection only and will not participate in the audition.

Difference between foreigner extra and foreigner model

Even foreigner models can perform extra appearances depending on work and conditions.
You can dispatch at a lower price than the model, but it will be premised on the appearance of “other majority”. If the reflection of the camera becomes equal to that of the main or subcast, and if you have a role or seeking performance or special ability, even if you do not have an audition, it will be treated as a model or an actor, so please acknowledge it Please give me. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

To make booking of foreigners extra successful

Since we have more than 28 years of experience and achievements, we will do extra casting that satisfies any occasion. Even extra foreigners of a large number of people, we have received many repetitions by offering our customers a safe management service.

On-site management

There are many foreign extras who can speak Japanese, so do not worry about communication on site. Also, if you have booked a large number of foreigners extra, please be assured that the manager will accompany you on the scene.

Dispatch on-site interpreter & frasl ; supervision

We have on-site interpreters on our books to work on-set for various productions like TV commercials, auditions, or as a dialogue coach.
We are equipped to meet any needs that you may have.

The professional agency which has every international model,

Our narration division works with narrators from around the world, and our consistent record of booking high-grade narrators has been appreciated by the NHK. Our narrators appear on more than 30 NHK programs as regular cast members. For international talent, contact Free Wave. We respond to our clients' needs by fully utilizing our industry-leading network of global human resources.

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