Reason for being elected

Why many clients have chosen free waves
Why Free Wave ?

What are the reasons why many clients continue to choose free waves among numerous foreign talent offices? I asked the client who had long dealings and heard the following words as below.

Client’s voice

Human resource
layer thickness
and abundant registrations

“Since a lot of talent of various genres belongs from main to extra, even if a large number of people are necessary, it is easy to help here because free waves can decide everything. I thought that if you asked and heard it, you are surprised to see that the talent as the image is registered.If you are a foreigner, I thought that you should consult with Free Wave first. “

Absolute sense of security

“There is a sense of security that you can do absolutely if you are free waves. Even if there is an impossible problem, we always follow up in a detailed manner and introduce a good cast, so what I do not know, but I always depend on Free Wave, I appreciate it! “

Staff’s management ability

“It was a tough site in a long time, but manager took the initiative and became a mood maker, making the site excitement, so it was saved to keep the motivation of the model till the end, so it was a great finish indeed So the end client was also very pleased. “

High speed and
cost performance

“In another office, the budget and deadline was declined because it was too tight, but Free Wave responded well to the footwork. In addition, please arrange for all extras with people who understand Japanese And the people in the field were also very helpful. “

“Bonds” × “Trust Relations”

We are an international talent agency who thinks firstly to build “bonds” and “trust” with customers, talents and society. We will continue to make efforts to make more customers happy.