eng Personal information handled by free waves (“our company”) in the casting and management work of foreign entertainers such as musicians, dancers and models is important information that we have kept and at the same time important assets for our company We strongly recognize that it is. For that reason, we will endeavor to properly handle and protect personal information by thoroughly laying out the rules for personal information protection and internal organization. We will promote the protection of personal information throughout the company so that everyone can use our services with peace of mind.

1. About Personal Information Protected by the Company

Personal information is information related to an individual and can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth or other symbols included in the information (it can be easily collated with other information, Including those that will be able to identify individuals of. Our company is protected by information of registrants such as model · narrator etc. (hereinafter referred to as “registrants”), information of business partners and information of employees of our company, We will safely protect you personal information based on this Privacy Policy. Especially, information acquired from registrants will be managed as personal information that requires strict and prudent handling in particular.

2. Purpose of using personal information

In acquiring personal information, we will acquire the purpose of use after clarifying the purpose of use and acquiring the consent of the person in advance. Although the Company guarantees the voluntariness of the individual concerning the acquisition of personal information, due to the fact that we can not obtain a part of personal information, we can not do business according to purpose of use, in that case disadvantage will arise for the person himself / herself Please understand that there is a possibility.

(1) Personal information of the registrant that we acquire

We will use it for casting advertisements, events, publications, etc, which we undertake.

(2) Personal information of recruit applicants

We will use it for the purpose of our recruitment selection. Personal information of people who did not use will be discarded promptly after completion of recruitment activities.

(3) Personal Information of Retired Person

According to various regulations such as laws and regulations, keep it within the necessary range.

(4) Personal information of business partner

It is used for business communication and smooth execution of business.

3. Usage, provision and consignment of personal information

We will inform you of the acquired personal information at the time of acquisition and use it only within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use you agreed. We will never process personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use (hereinafter referred to as “non-purpose use”). We also take internal measures to prevent non-purpose use. We do not provide personal information obtained to third parties without your consent. We have outsourced some of the business including the handling of personal information on the business to an external company that meets the safety management standards of the Company within the scope of the purpose of use and has concluded a confidentiality agreement with the Company for protection of personal information I will.

4. Implementation of safety measures for personal information protection

In handling personal information, in order to thoroughly prevent loss, destruction, tampering, damage, leakage, etc. of personal information, we manage entrance / exit control of business establishments, safety measures on computer systems, etc., By introducing a level of safety measures, we will endeavor to protect your personal information and implement appropriate management.

5. About compliance with laws and regulations

Regarding the handling of personal information protection, we will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and guidelines related to the Act, ordinance concerning personal information protection, industry guidelines.

6. Disclosure of personal information, correction / deletion, suspension of use, request made by a third party

We can make requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of utilization etc. of personal information held by our company. For these requests, please contact the following [inquiries about personal information] below. We will guide you through the procedure prescribed by our company.

7. Complaints and consultation concerning handling of personal information

We will establish a “personal information inquiry window” as a response window for complaints and consultations concerning the handling of personal information and promptly respond. We protect personal information under the above policy. If there is any doubt about our company’s personal information protection policy, please contact below.

【Inquiries concerning personal information】

Personal information protection window TEL: 03-6453-2744 info@f-w.co.jp