Shining Together
Talent, customers,
and to make ourselves shining

Passion that
keeps challenging

We, Free Wave, always have a spirit and enthusiasm to challenge and act to provide the best service to our customers.

Flexible idea

Our Free Wave always keeps prompt response, we will respond flexibly in any situation and responsibly to the end.

and respect

We always respect employees in respect of talent, personal life, social life, human relationships, respectful and gratitude, cherish their bonds, and build relationships of trust.

Staff’s action guidelines

We will not forget the feeling of “Thank you” and will continue to
strive to provide services that exceed the expected value


  • We will be the strongest partner of the client by offering the best foreign talent with motto of appreciation and trust.
  • We will be a bridge between “people” and “people”, making everyone involved “happy”.
  • We will create a future of Japan with global talent strength beyond nationality and race.

The Three Waves
That Free Wave Creates

“Wave of Change” made by new ideas
“Wave of Passion” to enjoy challenges
“Wave of Unity” made of our strong bond

Representative message

Representative Director
Mutsumi Takahashi

Until the establishment of free waves

There are lots of wonderful dancers around here that I can not think of! !
I want to introduce it to Japan and help me!

In the spring of 1989, one international call from a friend living in the USA was all the beginning. I have no industry experience, no connection, and additionally I can not speak English … but still I felt like I was from the curiosity of having “somehow interesting” and the passion of “I would like to challenge new things” I will.
Talented foreigners who came from abroad and the daily faces of various parts of Japan, right and left do not know in the industry unfamiliar with various places, troublesome to many people, even though they themselves are sorely painful “talented foreigners I want to introduce to Japan more “is becoming stronger. In 1992, when my feelings changed to a firm decision, I established a free talent agency “Free Wave” specialized in foreigners.

From that time to the present, the times and the industry have changed a lot. We continue to challenge so that we can not defeat the trend of the times, the talent who was a few people at the beginning also now exceeds 2,500 at all times and is active every day in various genres.

With 28 years in business

Of course, not all of the past roads have been well. Nonetheless, I am glad that today we received the pleasure of acting with the awareness as a professional who connects clients and talent, and the pleasure of creating a great work as a result of the client and the talent It may be the result of having repeatedly frankly sharing with other people. Our property is a relationship with people inside and outside the industry that we have cultivated so far, it is a relationship of trust with the talent, it may be a word that has been wisdom, but really supported by a lot of “bonds” There is.

“Free Wave” named after wanting to be like a free wave changing the industry and the world. From now on, it has been 28 years since our founding It will continue to evolve further without being bound by industry common sense and fixed concepts However, we are working with clients and registered talents Bonds and trust relationships “,” feelings towards social contribution through business as a talent agency “will never be shaken. Please be thankful for your continued patronage and further appreciation for the future free waves.

STAFF introduction