Foreign actor

Achievements of foreign actors

Foreigner actors Major appearances

TV · movies
  • NHK “High School Course Basic English” (Phillip · C)
  • NHK “AI GO!” (Foreign actor)
  • Tokyo Book club “NEW HORIZON” (foreign actor)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Supplementary Teaching Material (Foreign Actor)
  • Nippon TV “The World’s Most Difficult Love” (Foreign Actor)
  • TV Tokyo “St. sake at noon” (Roma Toniolo)
  • NHK morning continuous drama “Hanako and Ann” (role of Professor Scott)
  • Movie “Asahi of Vancouver” (20 foreign actors)
  • Movie “Judge!” (Role of Gil · Hughes · role of Sarah · Eriksen · role of Camila · Olsen)
  • The movie “Darling is a foreigner” (role of darling)
  • Movie “Detective of Casablanca” (role of Alfred)
  • Movie “Nodame Cantabile THE MOVIE” (role of Oclair)
  • The movie ‘Contempt’ (role of Maria, role of Tamara)
  • The movie “Sakura Hime” (Oen role)
  • NHK BS “Danna-sama is FBI” (foreign actor and child)
  • NHK BS “Shoot down” (role as Robert Applegate)
  • NHK drama “Dark suit” (role as Baker)
  • NHK WORLD “Journeys in Japan” “Trails to Tsukiji” (Foreign Responder)
  • TV Asahi “Second Love” (role of FORTON)
  • Yomiuri Television “Japanese unfamiliar Japanese” (6 student roles)
  • Fuji Television “Diplomat Yasutaka Kuroda” (Princess Sarah)
  • Fuji TV “Barren Zone” (Sergei role, Regan role)
  • AGF “Tri Presso” TVCM (foreign actor)
  • House Java Curry “Curious Curry Hen” TVCM (Foreign Actor)
  • Calbee ‘Fruit granola’ TVCM (foreign actor)
  • Toyo Fishery “Maru-chan no Tan” TVCM (Foreign Actor)
  • Round 1 “Bowling – Rock Around the Clock” (Foreigner Main)
  • Panasonic Lamb Dash “Saloned Skin” WEB (Foreigner Main)
  • Lipton Yellow Label TVCM (executive officer)
  • Daikin Noza 7 Series TVCM (role as CEO)
  • Nichii COCO Juku “Immigration Hen” “Rose’s Negotiation Hen” “Belive in you Hen” “Mr.COCO Hen” TVCM (Foreigner Main)
  • Konica Minolta Minolta “Revolution is for you” “What is born from” customer viewpoint “TVCM (foreigner main)
  • Mars Engineering “Dr. Genius Dr. Mars” TVCM (Dr. Mars)
Stage / Event
  • Stage “FAIRY TALE” Hot eye role (Chris · McCombs)
  • New National Theater Stage “The City of Death” (Emma Howard)
  • The stage “Supper” (Stephanie · Yoosten)
  • The stage “Shunshin” (John Kaminari)
  • Dom Perignin Rose Dancing Spy Activation (foreign actor)
  • Benesse stage “Worldwide Kids English Global Live Show” “Benesse’s Fun English Program for Kids” (Main Actress)
  • Las Vegas Broadcast Equipment Exhibition Tomokei Booth (English Presenter)
  • WFES2012 Mitsubishi Booth (Foreigner MC)
  • Musical “Eliza – Beat” role of Rudolph (foreign child) and many others

On-site interpreter · translation · language guidance achievement list

Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Lipovitan DInterpreter (English)2019
JR East Tourism PROn-set Interpreter (English)2019
Curry Meshi, Nissin On-Set Interpreter (Japanese-English)2018
TOYO TIRESPost Production Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
Fujitsu Multilingual TranslationOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
PROTECAOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
ABC MartOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Nintendo SwitchOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
FRISKOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Kanebo KATEOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2016
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Fuji TV "Radiation House SP"English Dialogue Coach2019
TV Tokyo "Yojigoji Days"On-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2018
TV Tokyo "Why did you come to Japan"On-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
LEGOOn-site Interpretation (English)2019
NittoOn-set Interpreter 2018
PanasonicJapanese to English2018
HitachiOn-set Interpreter (English-Japanese)2017
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year

Foreign actor / talent / cultural person achievement list

Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
SHOP LIST TVCMRoma Toniolo2016
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
NHK WORLD「BOSAI」Bilingual reporter2020
NHK #MoshikashiteActor2020
NHK World program「J-Trip Plan」Bilingual reporter2019
NHK TV Program「BENTO EXPO」Foreign talent2019
TBS×Paravi Special Drama "Atarashii Osama"Foreign actors2019
NHK [Yamagata 2020]Foreign talent2019
TOKYO EYE 2022 Roma Toniolo2018
NHK "Omotenashi English 2018" All Foreign Actors/Actresses (More than 50 casts)2018
NHK program "u&i"Actor2018
TV Asahi [Ikemen Tsuhan kishi] Romain Toniolo2018
ANA in-flight video "Selectravel"Reporter2018
You wa nanishini nihonhe ? WEBRoma Toniolo2018
"Reading" Documentary FilmingActors / Actresses2017
TV Tokyo [ Kodoku no gourmet Season 6 ]Roma Toniolo2017
NHK World [ TOKYO EYE 2020] Roma Toniolo2017
TV Tokyo [Shimajiro no WOW!]Roma Toniolo2017
TBS[Tanihara Syosuke no 25ji gohan]Roma Toniolo2017
LINE LIVE Sashimeshi soukakutai Roma Toniolo2016
TV TOKYO [Shimajiro no WOW! ]Roma Toniolo2016
NHK World [TOKYO EYE 2020]Roma Toniolo2016
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
House FoodsForeign Actors2019
Omo Channel CMActress 2019
Inkan senmon EC site [Marutomi]Roma Toniolo2017
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Yomiuri shinbun digital interview Roma Toniolo2017
Sanpo no tatsujin May issue Roma Toniolo2016
[Kensyo navi ]March issueRoma Toniolo2016
『Hanako』1098 issueForeign talent2015
VIVI March issue Roma Toniolo2015
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
[Butlers ] Promotional event Roma Toniolo2018
LOCONDO New TVCM release Roma Toniolo 2018
Interior Lifestyle Molature booth Roma Toniolo2018
Brilliant Star fashion showRoma Toniolo2018
Rakuten GirlsAward 2018 A/ W Roma Toniolo 2018
atre Kameido Valentine event Roma Toniolo2018
Prideco vol 12 [Poison Garden ]Roma Toniolo2017
atre Kameido [ Roma kun ] to Valentine returns Roma Toniolo2017
Otome no Tegami party in KITTE Nagoya Roma Toniolo2017
Sanrio EXTENSION JAPAN 2017s/s BRAMA STORI Roma Toniolo2017
Hankyu men's night show Roma Toniolo2017
Tokyo Game show 2017 Voltage Roma Toniolo2017
Jorna Machida GW special week event Roma Toniolo2017
Kiehl's Isetan Makeup party Roma Toniolo2017
Uranai fes 2017 SUMMER Roma Toniolo2017
BK Live 2017Roma Toniolo2017
BRAMA STORI×Roma Toniolo event Roma Toniolo2017
REVLON Retro Red Promotion eventRoma Toniolo2017
Yahoo Life magazine Roma Toniolo2017
Haruno headphone Matsuri 2017Roma Toniolo2017
BRAMA STORI X'mas fashion event Roma Toniolo2016
Amine Japan 2016Roma Toniolo2016
Concept LABI Tokyo Photo session Roma Toniolo2016
BRAMA STORI × ROMA eventRoma Toniolo2016
Princess one Spoon 1 year anniversary EventRoma Toniolo2016
NicoNico Cyokaigi TV Tokyo booth Roma Toniolo2016
Atre Kameido [ Roma san ] to Valentine Roma Toniolo2016
Otome no Tegami party event Roma Toniolo2016
Atre Kameido Valenine event Roma Toniolo2015
Haru no Message Festa in in THANKS KITTERoma Toniolo2015
Ikebukuro PARCO X'mas event Roma Toniolo2015
Contents Remarks / Number of people Year
Hanko Oji Romaku no Oshiete ! Serial article Roma Toniolo2016
[Roma no Yume] Inkan set produce Roma Toniolo2016

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